Collection: Jellicoe

Jellicoe was established in 1994 and has seamlessly pivoted in many successful directions.  Deeanne, along with her husband Gareth Hobbs, who is the designer of Sir Hobbs, a menswear label, have been married for 28 years and created this successful company together.  Their small team of staff play a big part on all levels, being included in the design process and making Jellicoe what it is today.
Our edgy, New Zealand brand.  Everything has a twist and Deeanne, who is the designer, likes to design the prints through her artwork, printing and collaging, in their collections, keeping them exclusive to the brands.  The brand has a clear, common thread on the principle of long term durability, calling for slow fashion.  Her collections are targeted at a wide audience with its timeless and functional look.  Jellicoe is very feminine, pushing the boundaries with colour, florals and graphic design.
Deeanne Hobbs
Her vision of creating a lifestyle brand where business meets everyday life, has especially creative people, looking for something different out there, this brand is far from ordinary.  Her experimentalness with materials often surprises buyers and customers, creating silhouettes and oversized patterns you did not think existed.  Again, designing her own fabrics, she challenges her love for black, leading often with colourful graphic patterns that she has created.